Reseller / Wholeseller Programme

Thank you for your interest in the KBeauty Original Cosmetic Resellers/Wholesaler Programme.

The Kbeauty Original Cosmetic provides extensive support to our Retails Partner, Which is unrivaled among the industry’s wholesale korean beauty brands.

While Kbeauty Original Cosmetic is Btoc platform to sell the product to consumer, We always welcome Wholesale request from overseas customers including wholesaler, Retail, Online Shopping Mall, Offline store and so on.

Discount rate up to 45%

We always sell 100% of the real items made in Korea.

We have a large connection with many brands.

We ship Worldwide.

Wholesale Process

  1. Let us know your interesting brands
  2. Create Account at our website and email us your login ID. We will upgrade your account to Reseller price
  3. After checking your supply rate, please send us Purchase Order (PO)
  4. We will send you Proforma Invoice (PI)
  5. After checking the PI, please make payment
  6. After checking the payment, we will send you the parcel (It usually take maximum two weeks, but it’s depending on inventory stock)
  7. After receiving your parcel, you may check the products and then if there is any issue such as expiry date, broken, or not-matched stock q’ty, please let us know so that we can fix the issue

General Terms and conditions

  1. Minimum Order Amount (MOA) is RM5000  per PO
  2. Shipping : Customer need to bear shipping cost
  3. Customs issue : Buyers need to check their customs issue before proceeding
  4. Payment : 100% T/T before shipping

Who can be our customer

Resellers or Wholesellers

To distribute the product to local market in B2B basis

Cosmetics Store

To sell cosmetics in own store

Online shopping mall

To sell cosmetics in online mall

Spa or Esthetic salons

Accessories, clothes business

Potential customer

Planning to operate cosmetic businesses

For Wholesaler can buy bulk purchase at this link

Please follow international phone format.


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